EIT FOOD Innovation Prizes Demo Day 2019-04-18T17:04:15+00:00

Project Description

EIT FOOD Innovation Prizes Demo Day – Stuttgart


EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, with the aim to create a sustainable and future-proof food sector. The Innovation Prize competition is a pan-European startup competition delivered by EIT Food to support a growing number of disruptive agrifood startups. The Innovation Prizes are awarded to entrepreneurs and early-stage startups to support the development of new products and services which can help transform our food system; making it healthier, more sustainable and more trusted. This year, there will be 17 different live finals occurring across Europe between June-September and each competition will allocate a total of €15,000 of prize funding (€10,000 for 1st place; €5000 for 2nd place). In addition to the cash prizes, participating startups will benefit from high quality pitch training and access to investors and our community of mentors and experts.

Applications for the EIT Food Innovation Prize competition are now open. For more information and to apply, please visit: https://www.eitfood.eu/innovationprizes

Competition in Germany
One of the 17 live finals will take place on the 26th June 2019 at the Wizemann-Space in Stuttgart with the support of the local partner-network Social Entrepreneurship Baden-Württemberg e.V. (#SocEntBW). As a regional network of over 50 social enterprises, many of them agrifood-related, SocEntBW can provide a wide scope to promote the event throughout Europe and with impact target groups on different local levels.




26. Juni 2019


Wizemann.space, Stuttgart