DSI Lab: KickOff

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Digital Social Innovation Lab @ Uni Mannheim

The Digital Social Innovation Lab (#DSI Lab) focuses on opportunities of digitization for the common good. The DSI Lab Incubator is a Program of the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility at the University of Mannheim and Social Entrepreneurship BW with the support of SAP. The program is the first project-oriented teaching format in the EU, which enables students to found their own social Start-Ups with a focus on digital innovation. Embedded in the academic curriculum of the Faculty of Business Administration of the University of Mannheim, the program enables students to gain extensive knowledge in the field of social innovation and entrepreneurship with the help of practitioners and experienced social entrepreneurs.

The incubator is designed to provide an inspiring environment empowering students to tap on digital technologies to shape projects that drive social impact while creating sustainable revenues. The lab is a hands-on and strongly practice-oriented course. With the input from industry experts and experienced practitioners, the students will get insights and valuable support along the development of their projects.

On the 25th February we kicked off the first block of the DSI Lab! With the help of Social Entrepreneurship BW, Björn Pospiech, the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility – University of Mannheim students successfully created their first social start-up ideas, studied the social business canvas and learned about the entrepreneurial mindset! Special thanks to SAP 4 Good for providing our students with SAP Mentors and giving Social Entrepreneurship such an important boost for the future!

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